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The latest: Friday January 31

Book of the week: Strong feelings that haven't changed much
"It could break your heart, this book... children soon get to know that in the end we will probably let them down" - Gerald Haigh reviews The Best Years of their Lives?: Pupils' Experiences of School by Cedric Cullingford.

School story: Victorian tale of woe hints at a modern message
"The account of how 'little by little' a public schoolboy goes to the bad proved popular with moralising adults" - Geraldine Brennan reviews Dan Farrar and 'Eric' by Ian Anstruther.

Research: Just what you've been looking for
Michael Duffy rounds up the latest.

Going out: Innbsp;the company of the young and the gifted
Just add water for a full-bodied selection of tunes and talent. Heather Neill reports.

Get a life: A land where there is little more than hope
After three years working for Aids orphans in Africa, teaching geography will never bee the same. Jill Parkin reports.

Plus : Watch this; Try this; Life coach; Get away; Treats.

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