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Latin software will be a classic

Contrary to your recent report ("Software scuppers a Latin revival", TES, April 1), Granada Learning is still highly committed to launching the digital key stage 3 Latin course. We and the Department for Education and Skills believe it will be a massive boost to Latin's appeal and access to the subject in the UK and internationally.

The resource has already proven its potential to widen take-up of Latin. In comprehensive trials, it doubled, and in some cases tripled, the number of students continuing to GCSE.

The Cambridge Latin Course e-Learning Resource is one of the most complex and innovative learning programs ever commissioned by the DfES.

The two-disc set contains an unparalleled mix of audio, video, interactive and formative assessment material. More than 900 interactive activities include dramatisations of ancient life and historical documentaries filmed on archaeological sites.

We can confirm that testing of Book 1 is complete. Book 2 is on schedule and is in the final stages of testing. The course will be available for use on all platforms, including Apple Macintosh, from September 2005.

We are proud to be involved in such a groundbreaking project. UK schools will soon reap the substantial benefits offered.

Nigel Ward Managing director Granada Learning 414 Chiswick High Rd, London W4

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