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Lay members are not an oddity;Letter;News and opinion

DAVID Christie's letter (TES, November 26) expressed dismay that the General Teaching Council's 64 members will include

30 who have an interest in education but who are not serving teachers.

The consultation paper on the GTC resulted in widespread support from teachers and other consultees for an extended membership to include the churches, parents, business, teachers' employers, teacher training and equal opportunities bodies.

Moreover, contrary to Mr Christie's assertion that other professional bodies would laugh at the idea of lay membership, both the General Medical Council and the UKCC (United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery, and Health visiting) have lay members appointed by the Privy Council and by the Secretary of State respectively.

In addition, the GMC has 25 of its 104 members appointed by educational bodies.

The GTC is not far out of line on this.

Carol Adams

Chief Executive

General Teaching Council for


NWB Business Exchange

Room 111, 10 Greycoat Place

London SW1

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