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Leadership and management: More tips for the top

Developing Educational Leadership: using evidence for policy and practice Edited by Lesley Anderson and Nigel Bennett Sage Publications pound;18.99 Education Management in Managerialist Times By Martin Thrupp and Robert Willmott Open University Press pound;19.99 Theories of Educational Leadership and Management By Tony Bush Sage Publications pound;19.99 School Leadership Edited by Jim O'Brien, Daniel Murphy and Janet Draper Dunedin Press, pound;9.95 The Elements of Leadership: what you should know By Sarah Noonan Scarecrow Education pound;20.95

The supply of new books on management is apparently endless. Increasingly, they focus on education. How valuable are they? What, if anything, can practitioners or policy makers learn from them? That's the question Developing Educational Leadership sets out to answer. How, in real life, do you negotiate and evaluate mountains of research material? For the contributors, the answer lies in "systematic review" - whereby a given field - leadership studies, for instance - is "mapped" into its component parts and the research that relates to those elements (much of it now on the web) systematically surveyed for validity, relevance and applicability. These are researchers writing for researchers, remember; even so, they admit it is easier said than done.

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