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Learning experiences

Alison and the Bully Monsters by Jac Jones (Pont pound;6.95) is a large-format picture book, halfway to being a big book. The straightforward design means that this topic-based story can be used with Reception classes up, with a small group gathered together.

Stop-at-home Alison is scared to play outside because of local bullies. When interior decorators arrive, she has to brave the streets. In a series of frightening encounters, fear turns to anger and she invokes the Bully Monsters, clevely based on the Year 3 pupils' drawings that adorn the front endpapers.

This book is bound to stimulate discussion.

Moving House: I Want That Room and A New Baby: I'm Still Important are part of a useful series for the key stage 1 library (Hodder Children's Books pound;8.50 each). The stories, by Jen Green, illustrated by Mike Gordon, encourage children to take a positive view of important new experiences.

The notes for parents are more helpful than those for teachers.

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