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Learning through art

LS Lowry's picture can be used in the classroom in a number of ways:

* Focusing on the painting itself, teachers can highlight various artistic techniques, discussing effects created by use of light, texture and scale.

The use of movement and space in the picture could be the basis for dance and drama lessons.

* Along with the video testimonies recorded for the Football Fever exhibition, the painting can be used to generate class discussion of social history and narrative. The videos can lead to a focus on families and older people's reminiscences.

* Going to the Match depicts football fans making a short, but important journey. Pupils can therefore explore different means of mapping a journey, using story-telling and visuals. They could also produce videos perhaps recounting a journey, or an element of their family or social history.

* Teachers could also find their own means of story-telling, through photographs, cartoon strips, or through creative writing. The Lowry Centre's education team is willing to produce customised workshops or resources for schools.

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