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Leasing deal on portables

TEACHERS who do not qualify for the Government's computer rebate could consider leasing a laptop, writes Chris Johnston.

Only teachers at schools signed up for the Lottery-funded information and communication technology training are eligible for the subsidy, which could be worth up to 50% of the computer's cost. For others, such as school librarians and private-sector teachers, leasing could be the answer.

Philip White, sales director of Syscap, says his firm has developed a scheme that allows between one and 5,000 laptops to be leased. Deals typially cover three years and the cost of 200 laptops worth pound;1,000 would be about pound;29 per machine per month.

ABK, which also hires kitchen equipment to schools, is involved in a deal to provide laptops to 425 teachers at 17 schools in the Southend-on-Sea education action zone.

And in what could become a national scheme if it is successful, the Technology Colleges Trust is soon to offer laptops to teachers at its 700 affiliated schools for around pound;8 a month.



TC Trust:

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