Leather, Section 28 and Sam

JUST AS well that Education Minister Sam Galbraith made his excuses and left. If he had hung around after his speech to the recent ethos conference in Glasgow, he would have found a lunchtime divertissement arranged by the conference organisers that might not have been to his taste.

Strongman Dave Gauder, who is on an anti-bullying campaign in Scotland, put on an exhibition in nearby Buchanan Street, pulling a double-decker bus loaded with schoolchildren. The audience on te steps of the Lally Palais were treated to the sight of a bus owned by Brian "Keep the Clause" Souter, adorned in its gay-coloured livery, being towed past the Virgin record store by a leather clad muscle-man.

The potency of the sexual imagery might have been too much for the minister, not to mention Mr Souter. What a punch-line this little jotting would have had if only the bus had been a number 28 or even a 2A. Alas, no such luck, but maybe next year. Please?

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