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L'eau life Glasgow

SOME Glasgow teachers are reportedly wetting themselves at the city's latest wheeze to ensure that its secondary pupils are regularly supplied with cold drinking water.

Not content with supplying schools with water fountains, all pupils are to be issued with individual containers which they can then refill from strategically placed reservoirs.

The containers have been nicknamed "water pistols" and "supersoakers" in one school where apprehensive staff await the full implementation of the scheme with more than a little trepidation.

Still in Glasgow, on the second day of the new session a secondary head asked a second-year pupil how he had enjoyed his summer break and where he had been. "Paris," came the reply.

Further enquiries as to what historical sights had been visited received a "non" response, with the explanation: "We just went to the beach."

Convinced that the school's geography and history departments were not doing their job, the disbelieving heidie recounted the tale to one of his colleagues only to be told that the boy's story was kosher because an artificial beach had been constructed on the banks of the Seine earlier in the summer, earning the heidie nul points for his knowledge of current affairs.

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