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A Lenten prayer for Blunkett

DEARLY beloved, the education minister movest us in sundry ways to bewail our manifold despair and unhappiness which we, from time to time most grievously have suffered by coercion, mismanagement and by overwork. We shouldst not complain against these afflictions but welcome them and embrace them as befitting an occupation whose failures are manifold.

This we have been so informed by thy esteemed servant Woodhead, whose moral standing and honesty dost go before him. Indeed, knowledge of he remnant that will not survive has been loudly declaimed; verily with a vengeance.

Therefore, I pray and beseech you, as many as are still teaching, to accompany me with commitment and self-sacrifice knowing that it is not the children who benefit from our endeavours but our most blessed government.

With literacy and numeracy, assessment and inspection, competency and ill-health, work without end, Amen.

Peter Brogan

95 Hinckley Road

Nuneaton, Warwickshire

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