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Lesson ideas

Literacy: Take a short story (eg Goldilocks) and turn it into a script.

Look at some rolling film titles at the end of videos - try to found out about what is involved in the jobs some of them do (eg "Best Boy", "Grip", "Third Unit"). Write a review of a film or video.

Numeracy: Make up some film "problems" and try to solve them, eg If a movie costs pound;10m to make, how many tickets at pound;5 each would you need to sell to break even?

Creativity: Design a "Dream Factory". What do people dream about? What would they like to dream about? Make a "flick book" (do a storyboard first). Design a poster for a favourite video, taking into account the setting and the stars.

ICT: Use the internet to find local film information and data on top 10 films and videos.

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