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Lesson ideas

KS1: Make up stories about what the man is pointing to. What has he seen and what is he saying? Draw and paint the figure.

KS2: Cut out silhouette shapes based on the sculpture. Ask one of the class to stand in the pointing man's pose while the rest of the pupils draw. Make other life studies and use them as the starting point for sculptures from withy sticks, modelling wire or clay.

Look at reproductions of some of Giacometti's busts of his brother Diego and wife Annette. Compare these to the Easter Island heads and make busts using clay or papier-mache.

KS3 and 4: Record poses with a digital camera and rework ideas using Photoshop. Make a three-dimensional construct using mouldable materials or pupils can make casts of themselves using modroc or plaster of Paris.


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Alberto Giacometti Drawings, Paintings and Sculptures (Exhibition catalogue, Thomas Gibson Fine Art Ltd)

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