Lesson plans


1. Codebreakers

Stimulate young minds and turn your students into codebreakers with these engaging lesson activities.

2. Destination: outer space

Explore the universe with the story Roaring Rockets and a series of creative activities to support literacy, numeracy, geography and science.

3. Red-hot sentences

In this action-packed lesson, students produce red-hot sentences, with cool connectives and perfect punctuation, for a classroom display.

4. Jack and the Beanstalk

What comes first, Jack, the Giant or the beanstalk? Turn a traditional tale into a lesson on sequencing, creative writing and the art of character profiles.

5. Get motivated

"Practice makes perfect", "education is achieved not received" and "the best things in life are free". Inspire your class with motivational messages - and get them to come up with their own.

6. Roald Dahl

Introduce children to the wonderful world of Roald Dahl and encourage them to work on their creative writing.

7. Wake-up words

Polish your students' language skills and prepare them for the school day in a flash-card activity on vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation.

8. Pirate treasure hunts

Ever wanted to try a pirate-themed treasure hunt? Turn your class into a desert island and your students into treasure hunters with this board game.

9. Plenary producers

The end of term is fast approaching, but there are still lessons to teach. How can you make sure that your students have learned what they should? Find inspiration in Mike Gershon's 120 plenary activities.

10. Wall of maths

What's the difference between a reflex angle and an obtuse angle? How many grams are in a kilogram? Test your students with these flash cards and make a wall of mathematics for a classroom display.

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1. Body language flash cards

Have fun in class with these body language flash cards, for use as a starter activity or to help students to understand the role of performance.

2. Transition postcards

Changing schools can be a daunting prospect. Ease the transition for new students by asking your class to write postcards welcoming them to the school.

3. A West African story

What is it like to go to school in Africa? With this video from Teachers TV, students consider the differences and similarities between their school and a refugee school in Ghana.

4. Factory conditions

Students try to maximise profit at the expense of their workers in this group-based activity, which explores trade unions and how they can be a catalyst for change.

5. 'Guess the country' food quiz

Test your students' cultural food knowledge with a presentation on dishes from different countries. Why not follow up this activity by asking them to design their own cultural dish?

6. Race against the mouse

Students learn to tell the time in German as they race to answer the question before the mouse scurries across the screen.

7. Newton's Third Law

Are the gravitational forces between the Moon and the Earth equal? What is Newton's Third Law and how does it help to answer that question? All is revealed in this animated video.

8. Hindu gods Top Trumps

Introduce your class to Hindu gods and help them to understand the religion in this Top Trumps activity.

9. Cricket drills

Could you inspire the next Freddie Flintoff? Develop students' cricketing abilities with these activities.

10. The impact of tornadoes

What causes tornadoes? What kinds of damage do they leave in their wake?

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Don't be quick to judge - Challenge stereotyping in bleasej's assembly, which focuses on Susan Boyle's audition for Britain's Got Talent.

Ramadan - Teach your students about the Islamic festival of Ramadan using clarebear1981's presentation, which is ideal for younger children.

Sweet thing - Prepare students for the transition to new schools or classes in ksb's assembly, which offers advice using metaphors about sweets.

Brain gym - Train children to exercise their brains in this assembly from 75donz on lateral thinking and intelligence.

Celebrating success - Applaud the triumphs of the year and explore what it means to be successful in this assembly from oops_vip.

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1. Reflecting on behaviour

Encourage students to think about their actions and behaviour, how they feel and how what they do affects others in choralsongster's reflective activity. bit.lyBehaviour Reflections

2. Student checklist

Children with special needs may need extra support to stay on task. A checklist shared by senteacher86 shows children how to break tasks down into manageable chunks. bit.lySENTaskList

3. 'Dear Zoo ...'

Every class has at least one reluctant writer. Encourage students to put pen to paper using Ibuzzybea's set of activities, in which they write to their favourite animals. bit.lyDearZoo.

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