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International Literacy Day, 8 September

1. The Gruffalo

Inject some fun into literacy with this two-week scheme of work based on Julia Donaldson's children's books about the monster.

2. Literacy skills

Teach the virtues of good grammar, and show your students how to use connectives and apostrophes, with these literacy worksheets.

3. Watership Down

Try these literacy activities based on classic children's novel Watership Down. Students guide Fiver around the field in search of lettuce for the warren - and boost their literacy skills while they are at it.

4. I can ...

How do you build the confidence of the most reluctant readers and writers? Help is at hand with these "I can ..." literacy, language and communication statements.

5. Listen and read

This interactive resource from TESiboard, Ella's School Trip Story Book, features lively illustrations and easy-to-follow text. Click the speaker icon to hear a narration of each page.

6. Think, say, write, read

This writing prompt encourages children to improve their skills by thinking about what they want to write before they begin.

7. Speed reading

A simple test for reading speed that can be used to spark a discussion about literacy and how to change your reading method for different purposes.

8. Literacy through film

Celebrate the power of storytelling through film with TES Connect partner FILMCLUB UK's selection of guides to children's classics, including The NeverEnding Story and Eleanor's Secret.

9. Roll the dice

Print out these story cubes for an unpredictable literacy lesson. Each side of the cube has a different picture, such as a spooky castle or a treasure map. Students roll the dice to decide where their story should go next.

10. On the Ning Nang Nong

Bring poetry alive with an animated PowerPoint of Spike Milligan's nonsense poem On the Ning Nang Nong.

Find these lesson plans at bit.lyInterLitDay


Roald Dahl Day, 13 September

1. Send a postcard

Mark Roald Dahl Day by writing a postcard to the Twits or to the BFG (Big Friendly Giant). Students take inspiration from Quentin Blake by illustrating their missives.

2. Dahl scheme of work

Use these comprehensive lesson plans and easy-to-differentiate writing activities to explore some of Dahl's many children's books, including Matilda.

3. Revolting Rhymes

A PowerPoint illustrates The Three Little Pigs and highlights the differences between the traditional tale and Dahl's version.

4. Big friendly wordsearch

Why not open your Roald Dahl Day lesson with this dictionary and wordsearch starter activity based on The BFG?

5. Dahl bingo

Use this Dahl-inspired game to engage students at the beginning of a lesson - or to test their knowledge at the end.

6. Character profiles

Introduce children to Dahl's many characters, from Miss Trunchbull to the Twits, with this PowerPoint-based lesson plan.

7. James y el Melocoton Gigante

Students use dictionaries to help them describe the characters from James and the Giant Peach in Spanish.

8. Quiz time

Set the timer and race against the clock to unscramble the words in this entertaining quiz on the celebrated children's author.

9. Calculations with Matilda

Matilda may have been only five years old but she had extremely advanced mathematical skills. Students use a spreadsheet to do real-life mathematics in this Matilda-inspired activity.

10. Je m'appelle ...

Introduce your class to some of Dahl's much-loved characters in French - for example, Monsieur Fox and Le Bon Gros Geant.

Find these lesson plans at bit.lyRoaldDahlDay2013


1. Mathematics mat

Support your students with the TES Special Educational Needs double-sided mathematics mat. It covers 2D and 3D shapes, fractions, percentages and decimals, time, angles and coins. bit.lyMathsMatSupport

2. Writing checklist

Students check their own work with TESprimary's set of five simple checklist-style cards, which focus on capitalisation, punctuation, grammar, editing and revising. bit.lyWritingChecklist

3. Autism overview

Try TES Autism in Schools' handy resource for building awareness of autistic spectrum disorders among staff and students. It includes advice on how best to support students. bit.lyAutismOverview


The hills are alive Rediscover The Sound of Music at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre in London, where you can sing along to Do-Re-Mi and Climb Ev'ry Mountain until 7 September. bit.lySoundOfMusic2013

Sisterland If you are a fan of New York Times best-seller American Wife, pick up author Curtis Sittenfeld's latest offering, Sisterland, which is about psychic twin sisters. bit.lySisterlandNovel

Day for democracy On 15 September, the United Nations' International Day of Democracy is an opportunity to review the state of global democracy and to encourage its preservation. bit.lyDemocracy2013

US Open For two weeks each summer (this year from 26 August to 9 September), New York City becomes the capital of the tennis world as sporting stars vie for the grand slam title. www.usopen.org.

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