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Let hacks' brains fry

HEADACHES, DIZZINESS and fainting are some of the side-effects of wi-fi radiation that could be ravaging teachers and pupils, the Professional Association of Teachers says.

The union used its annual conference in Harrogate earlier this week to campaign for more research into the issue.

But it seems it was not quite so bothered about protecting journalists. Before the event, with phone lines not yet installed and a backlog of repair work after the floods, the union had another suggestion for hacks. "The hotel does have a wi-fi network and I know that some of you used the wireless facility with your laptops at the last PAT conference and found it a useful way of working," piped a press officer.

The next day correspondents received a release warning of the "serious health effects" of wi-fi and advice on how to spot overexposure. Should come in handy, then.

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