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Let the rebels quit school at 14

YOU report Conor Ryan (adviser to David Blunkett when he was Education Secretary) as saying that we should let pupils quit school at 14 (TES, November 22).

I left school at 15 with no qualifications. I did not want to know about education and continued in this vein while working on a building site until I was 23.

It was only then I thought that I had better get some education. I did a part-time day release course at a local FE college. Now, 27 years later I am still doing a part-time course. In between I have achieved among other qualifications, City and Guilds in three subjects, and an honours degree. I have been an FE lecturer and work as a school teacher.

I wish I could have left school at 14. I was ready for work then. It was only seven or eight years later that I saw the light. A good teacher, parent, counsellor may be able to enlighten a child who wants to be enlightened. But the out-and-out rebel will not see sense. I feel they ought to be able to leave at 14.

David Healey 16 Wittenbury Road Heaton Norris Stockport

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