Let's call time on testing and tables

I write in response to "Where now after Sats' demise?" (TES, October 17), according to which "thousands of teachers have been left wondering what to do with their Year 9 classes".

Several schools I have visited recently intend to continue using Sats to maintain continuity. But this is a sad state of affairs given that it has taken more than 10 years to completely discredit them.

I suggest that curriculum leaders seize the chance to devise a programme of study that draws on pupils' knowledge, understanding and skills in as imaginative and enjoyable a way - and as far removed from Sats - as possible.

Of course, those schools who insisted on drilling pupils with mock Sats in December might feel at bit at a loss. But the only possible excuse for ordering the 2009 papers could be as kindling for November 5 celebrations.

Kevin Morris, Deputy director for professional development in Education, Middlesex University.

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