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Let's get the show on the road

The first Minister and Education Minister took the lead in the Scottish Executive's new Celebrating Success initiative when they joined the St Andrew's Day festivities at Leith Walk Primary in Edinburgh yesterday.

Jack McConnell and Hugh Henry took part in the school's "celebrating cultural diversity" festival and attended a school assembly with performances of poetry, song and dance with an international theme.

The event was not only a celebration of Scotland's national day, but an opportunity to mark the executive's Celebrating Success initiative to spread the word about the good work going on in Scottish schools. The initiative, which is being supported by The TESS, invites schools to showcase their activities. St Andrew's Day was earmarked as a special focus.

Throughout the year, schools will be encouraged to hold their own events and to brand features of their work under the Celebrating Success logo. The executive has set up a special website which will allow schools to share what they are doing with others. "I know that in schools across Scotland the quality of work on display and pupils' willingness to learn is impressive," said Mr Henry. "It's important that we praise our youngsters and help them celebrate their successes.

"Pupils in Scotland deserve recognition for the great work they are doing and I wish them every success with their celebrations - whether they are taking place on St Andrew's Day or any other time of year."

Peter Peacock, the former Education Minister, launched Celebrating Success last month. "I take every opportunity to tell people what great places our schools are," he said. "But I am one voice and I want you, your staff and your pupils to add your voice so that we can shout about the good work that is going on day in, day out."

The executive has sent out Celebrating Success packs to every school that contain ideas and resources to help celebrate.


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