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Let's go outside

Spring is the perfect excuse to leave your classroom behind and embrace the joys of open-air teaching

Now is a good time to leave the confines of the classroom and take your children into the great outdoors. Whether it's for a few minutes, a full lesson, or an entire day, the benefits are huge.

Going outside with your class gives you a welcome change from routine and a chance to explore the natural world. It also provides an opportunity to make some mess without worrying what the cleaners will say.

You might set up a treasure hunt for younger pupils, based around mapping skills in geography. You could send rockets flying into the sky in a secondary science lesson.

On those rare sunny days, you might ask the children to lie on their backs and get inspiration from the cloud formations.

Do some preparation before leaving the confines of the classroom walls. Set the boundaries with pupils: identify any no-go areas and agree a clear signal for when you need the class to gather together.

Even if the background noises are of traffic rather than birdsong, it's wonderful to feel the sun beating on your back and the wind in your hair.

A teaching space without walls - what could be better?

Sue Cowley is an author, trainer and presenter. For more information visit

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