Let's lose that sinking feeling

FOR the past few weeks I have been reading The TES with a sinking feeling. Article after article speaks of exam board delays, unnecessary paperwork, low pay, slipping regard in which teachers are held ...

However, most depressing of all is the constant talk of a teacher recruitment crisis. Despite some very positive feedback from my university tutor and the job interviews I have attended, I am about to start my first teaching post wondering if my headteacher actually considers me to be "unsatisfactory".

Why not also devote some pages to celebrating the achievements of our pupils? And let us hear those anecdotes of wonderful moments when children surpass our expectations, those times when they make us laugh, those times that remind us why we became teachers.

In short, let us celebrate what is good - no, what is great - about this profession.

Stuart J Garner 71, Portland Road, Winton Bournemouth, Dorset

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