Let's not make this personal

Let's hope the fight for the leadership of the University and College Union hots up soon so there is something to write about.

My moles tell me that Sally Hunt will get the feminist vote - because she's a woman. Get it?

For all I know, this assumption is no more reasonable that imagining that Roger Kline is going for the baldy vote.

But just in case, let's get something clear. While Ms Hunt is indeed a working mum, she only has one child, while Mr Kline has two, making him something of a new man, presuming he pulls his weight in a domestic capacity.

Assuming these children are cared for equally by their parents, this means Mr Kline has one full-child equivalent compared with Ms Hunt's half full-child equivalent.

So, if we look at them as parents in a trendy, non gender-specific way, that's Natfhe old guard 1, AUT interlopers 0.

So much for round one. Now let's move the debate on to something else.

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