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Let's put creativity before competition

For me, the key ingredient in education has always been opportunity. But this ethos does not always fit comfortably into the current climate of testing and league tables - and the pressure driven by the need to be seen to be successful is now encompassing non-academic subjects that should provide enrichment, balance and pleasure. I know a junior school in the south-east totally at odds with the inclusive policy advocated by Sue Hollingworth ("To sing is the thing", Friday, January 25), in which all children are given the chance to sing in a choir.

In this private school, a group is chosen by audition to form the choir, with the prime purpose of winning singing competitions. What message does this carry to those nine and 10-year-olds who have been rejected?

A balanced perspective needs to pervade policy allowing opportunity for all and to create a little magic by letting all the children know if you can sing, it does mean a thing.

Susie Matthews, Kent

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