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Let's take Ford's curriculum argument up a gear

Carole Ford's recent analysis of the problems with Curriculum for Excellence is absolutely accurate. It shows that many in the teaching profession have still not engaged with its philosophy and methodology, preferring to retain a system that rejects interdisciplinary learning, rejects "confident" and less able pupils while celebrating those who have mastered the 3Rs - read, remember and regurgitate.

What percentage of our successful pupils make another "Rs" of their first year in further education? When will we recognise the reality that today's young people will not change to fit the system or "comfort zone", as Carole calls it. Perhaps, heaven forbid, we have to change the system.

As has been discussed many times in these pages, "Curriculum for Excellence" is a misnomer. It should be called "How people learn, as recommended by independent, international research that has been available to Scottish teachers for 40 years". Are we really still rejecting this?

Gordon Smith, former head of Jordanhill Primary, and a former president of AHDS.

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