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Letters extra: Blue skies, barking

I had to check the date carefully on my TES last Friday.nbsp; Had I actually fallen asleep and woken up on April 1st?nbsp;

To my horror I had not, I was actually reading the lead story proposing schools without teachers!nbsp; It would be laughable if the situation were not so serious, we are talking about the life chances of millions of children.

What happens in a primary school should be based on sound educational principles not on politicians getting things `on the cheap'.

Please, will someone in the DfES actually come into a primary school for more than an afternoon and see what is really involved in carrying out the job of teaching?nbsp; I fully support better trained and better paid assistants in every classroom - nbsp;butnbsp;only to support the qualified and even more highly trained class teacher.

Rosemary Saunders (Mrs) Chairperson, NPSA Headteacher, The Downley School

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