Letters extra: Can this really be true?

When I received my copy of The Times Educational Supplement of April 19th, I could not believe my eyes. At last I read "Scrap all tests, teachers say." And then 4 weeks later I read in my copy of TES of May 17th that "Tories order fewer exams and tests"! Can this really be true? Not only are both teachers and Tories "singing from the same hymn sheet" (as they say) but that both groups are calling for a reduction in the tests! I am therefore writing in support of these two articles, especially in regard to tests at Key Stage 1, of which I have the most experience.

Patricia Chubb, B.Ed.(hons), M.A.(ed). FRSA, Independent Education Consultant, Early Years, Ex- officio member of The National Primary Headteachers Association -NPhA, currently writing a course book for students of Advanced Studies in Early Years.)nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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