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Letters Extra :Church schools don't have monopoly on compassion

It's a pity when the supporters of church schools (Ceinwick Chick, Lettersnbsp;August 13) feel obliged to denigrate, implicitly or explicitly, other schools in order to defend theirs.

Church schools, fortunately for children and for society at large, do not, as the writer seems to think, have a monopoly on teaching "values such as compassion, honesty and consideration for others". These humane values are shared and passed on by people of all faiths and none, in schools of all kinds.

Humanists do not generally criticize faith-based schools for "the faults of the few" - we criticize them for encouraging divisiveness and religious discrimination, as well as hypocrisy and moral complacency. Marilyn Mason, Education Officer British Humanist Association 1 Gower Street London WC1E 6HDnbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;

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