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Letters Extra: A colleague plagued

As an 'independently minded and true school leader' I feel I must respond to George Black 's letter (TES December 6) claiming NCSL is a shambles.

The emotive tone of this letter suggests to me a colleague plagued by inaccurate and envious information. There are currently no mandatory programmes offered by NCSL.

The National Professional Qualification in Headship does not become mandatory until 2004. No-one I know has felt `bullied' into taking NCSL courses, nor is it 'widely considered' that NCSL is a shambles.

Indeed the college offers school leaders, at all levels, the opportunity to celebrate and enhance their leadership in an environment that recognises their true worth to society.

At last the value of leadership in schools is being recognised and promoted. It is this type of letter and the hidden agenda so obvious in this writer's motivation that should cause us concern.

I welcome the opportunities that NCSL offers leaders like myself and shall certainly be 'voting with my feet' - towards any opportunity that will enhance the life chances of the children in my school.

Anne McCormick
Head Teacher
Maple Tree Lower School
Hawk Drive,

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