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Letters extra: daffs and dragons

We were somewhat taken aback by your view that teachers in Wales should "stick with daffs and dragons" when representing Welsh national culture (editorial,nbsp;August 3).

This was not only a shallow statement but also reveals a profound misunderstanding of educational politics and policy-making in Wales.nbsp;You were right to denounce Ofsted's attempts in the past to interfere in debates about national identity in England. However, unlike the situation in England, teachers in Wales often have useful dialogues with the inspectorate.

Estyn's attempts to encourage teachers in Wales to guard against the promotion of caricatured national stereotypes should surely be welcomed and not derided.

Many of us in Wales have been aware for some time of the potential of the Curriculum Cymreig to promote an insular and contrived view of Welshness and culture.

Estyn should be encouraged to reflect the fact that Wales, like the rest of Britain, is varied and culturally diverse, and that the curriculum should express this diversity.

Robert Phillips andnbsp;Helen Brocklehurst
University of Wales,

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