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Letters extra: In defence of different routesinto the profession

In response to the letter from Jennifer Salt regarding the merits of the PGCE for primary teachers ( TES, March 7 2003nbsp;), nbsp;I feel I must defend the course I am undertaking.

Firstly I would like to point out that my year is made up of such an educationally, experientially and indeed socially diverse group that the contribution we will bring to primary teaching is impossible to sum up.

The course is designed to create competent, diligent teachers who have the ability to draw on their own background to deliver engaging and appropriate learning experiences to children.

I must also take issue with the assertion we are not 'dedicated' because we have chosen a differing route to our profession than Ms Salt. I can see in my class the highest level of commitment. No one embarks on a vocational course lightly, and to maintain this is the case with no reference to either research or practical experience is concerning.

May I suggest that the outcome of all education should be to develop a reflective, enquiring and open mind. This is something we should look for in all of our teachers regardless of their choice of course.

Carol Ann Smith Aberdeen

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