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Letters Extra: Don't have a go at enterprise Ted

I felt dismayed when I read the negative article "The Last Word" by Teg Wragg, TES May 23. Ted's opinion is unfounded and unfair in his criticism of our government, the private sector, entrepreneurship and enterprise.

According to the DTI there are 3.1 million SMEs in Britain. They account for 99% of all businesses, 55% of non-governmental employment and 51% of our national turnover. Entrepreneurship and innovation are central to the creative process in the economy promoting growth, increasing productivity and creating jobs.

I like what I see - the public and private sector working together, sharing new ideas, knowledge and good practice. So much has been achieved in raising standards in education and training by this change in culture. Our children and young people deserve the very best that we can offer them.

I am currently engaged in management training at the centre of Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University. They are advising and helping me to expand and diversify my business in an increasingly competitive global economy. This initiative is proof that our government is determined to give everybody - whether public or private - the chance to realize their full potential and aspirations. Please Ted go out and find the success stories - there are many. Joyce Eaton Principal Eaton Language Centre Ashton-on-Mersey Cheshire

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