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Letters extra: Enrichment or acceleration at KS2?

Enrichment or acceleration for more able children is a frequently discussed issue.

A thorny point within this discussion is whether to enter children for Level 4 and Level 6 in years 2 and 6 respectively.

How will the children benefit from beingnbsp;force fed to gain these high levels? Will they really be achieving a full level 4 or level 6 if they do 'pass' the set paper?

The majority of teachers see enrichment as the route to follow but then panic when it comes to SATs, particularly Key Stage 2. The number of children entered for Level 6 has steadily risen, and I understand that this year there are more entries than ever.

To recognise the high level achieved by many pupils, wouldn't it be better to award a Level 5*, similar to A* at GCSE, for those who achieve over 90% for example? In this way, enrichment would be encouraged, decisions about whether or not to enter children for Level 6 would be eradicated and those children who achieve an exceptionally high standard would be recognised.

Sue Wareham
Head Teacher
Hinchley Wood Primary School

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