Letters extra: Go on, gissa job

I qualified as a key stage two teacher in July and have applied for numerous jobs, each application being unsuccessful. I understand from the news that there are still numerous teaching positions that are still to be filled, so why I ask am I unable to find a job?

In the last six months I have had six interviews for both temporary and permanent posts, but each time I have missed out and the job has gone to a more experienced applicant. How am I supposed to get any experience if schools are not willing to give the NQTs a chance to show what they are capable of? I have even joined five supply agencies and been cleared by the CRB before term started twice.

If there are so many teaching vacancies around then I ask why is there not a national source for the vacancies to be advertised? A place where I can look and know that I am looking at every job that is needing filling.

Is there ever a chance that I will get to do the job that I have trained for four years to do?nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

Kathryn L Daveney, Birkby, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

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