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Letters extra: great to be 'just teacher'

How I applaud the sentiments expressed by Elizabeth Reeves "Forget the money I want an easier life" (July 6). I recently took an identical step, resigning from my very exhausting SENCo position at an 11-16 comprehensive to take up a post as "just teacher" at a small special school.

After many years of teaching I had just passed through the threshold and therefore took a salary cut of pound;12,000. Yet the difference in my well being has been enormous and noticed by family and many friends. Despite having to travel a long distance to my new job (with all the extra cost involved) it is still the best decision I ever made. Of course I realise that I was lucky to have the financial security to enable me to take this step. For so many it is not possible to take a salary cut so the only option is to leave the profession altogether.

Mrs Wendy Mayer

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