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Letters Extra: Greenwich petition

The following educational workers in Greenwich agree with the fact that the removal of Saddam Hussein would benefit his country and the population for obvious reasons, ie, his dictatorialmurderous role in Iraq. However, we wholeheartedly disagree with the methods being implemented at the present moment in time, for example over 50 per cent of the population of the country are children aged 14 and under.

There are other ways of dealing with him and his forces, we do not believe that they have been followed up and explored to the full.

Yours in solidarity,

Brian Ferber (Joint Branch Secretary, NUT) PC
Tim Woodcock (Joint Branch Secretary, NUT) PC
Martyn Pendergast (President, NUT) PC
Cathy Burnett (Past President, NUT) PC
Kirsty Paton (Committee Member) PC
Morgan O'Brien (Committee Member) PC
Mr J James (Head Teacher, Alderwood Primary) PC
Mrs M Harris (Head Teacher, Bannockburn Primary) PC
Mr A Gillham (Head Teacher, Bishop John Robinson CE Primary) PC
Ms F Cummings (Head Teacher, Cherry Orchard Primary) PC
Ms M Silsby (Head Teacher, Cyril Henry Nursery) PC
Miss L Ferriday (Head Teacher, Middle Park Primary) PC
Mr P Winston (Head Teacher, St Paul's RC Secondary Modern) PC
Mrs S Woodcock (Head Teacher, Woolwich Common Nursery) PC
Mrs P Hardaker (Head Teacher, Willow Dene Primary) PC

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