Letters Extra: Heavy baseline

It's important that Ruth Cole (TES, August 16)and other teachers are aware that baseline assessment will cease being a statutory requirement on 31st August 2002.

In a national consultation in 2000, early years teachers asked for a new assessment for the foundation stage. They wanted a system based on the curriculum they are expected to teach with assessment at the end of the foundation stage, not two-thirds of the way through it as with baseline assessment.

The Foundation Stage Profile, developed following this consultation, relies on the professional judgement of teachers- there are no tasks or tests.

The curriculum guidance for the foundation stage encourages practitioners to focus teaching on the early learning goals so the on-going assessment they carry out should dovetail with the Profile making it straightforward to complete throughout the year.

The draft of the Handbook and Profile Booklet is available on the QCA website .

Pauline Hoare
Project Director
Foundation Stage Profile
83 Piccadilly

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