Letters extra: I have never read such drivel

Does Kevin Bullock (TES May 10) still believe in Santa Claus?

I have never read such drivel from a headteacher. Surely he doesn't condone the promoting of other such fictitious characters ranging from the tooth fairy to giants. To advocate that some magician with omnipotent powers moulded and created the creatures on this planet beggars belief. Shazam! - there you are, an aardvark.

People should understand the true nature of creationism. It is we, as hapless humans that have been the creators. Frightened and alone, for thousands of years we have had to find solace in some superior, spiritual presence. We now have it clearly defined as God. Pathetic isn't it?

What is even scarier is that senior politicians can't shake off the indoctrination of their early years. If they are that easily duped into accepting that we are all a product of this phantom presence I worry about their decision making in the national and international arena.

If Kevin Bullock believes his pupils have been conjured up by some architect of the universe and persists in brainwashing them with such a notion we will never realise the very ordinariness of life and death, of disability and exceptionalism, of disease and disaster and of chance and accident.

Wake up Kevin, and those who continue to rattle out ridiculous ideas that they are only re-telling from the dark days when they learned that the Lord would save them from the spook under the bed.

Michael James, Teacher and author, 67 Esher Road, East Molesey, Surrey.

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