Letters extra: It seems that teachers and schools can't win

The concerns in the August 16 edition of TES about increasing numbers of students achieving A levels and the implication that this results from the the curriculum being 'dumbed down' amaze me. It makes one really question the motives behind the use of standardised tests as a means for improving learning.

It seems that teachers and schools can't win. If your students do better it means the tests are getting easier. If they don't do better, you are not doing your job! I remember my dismay some years ago when working in a University for the first time being told that I had to spread results for a highly motivated and intelligent small group of masters students across the normal curve! This is not about learning, it is about competition and sorting. There is no pay-off for improving the learning of all students.

Penny Andersen,nbsp;Hobart, Tasmania, Australianbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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