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Letters extra: Joined at the head

Is David Sassoon ("Joined at the head" TES March 14 ) living in 2003 or 1984?nbsp; And where would Big Brother draw the line when enforcing the regulation preventing partners and spouses working at the same school? Cohabiting couples ... long-term relationships ... new relationships that become long term ... one night stands ... a kiss after the school Christmas lunch?

My husband and I are both senior teachers at a special schools which has severe recruitment problems due to the nature of the work, and the London factor.nbsp; It is surely irresponsible during these times of extreme teacher shortages to suggest that a teacher must resign from their job on the grounds that they are conducting a relationship with another member of staff there.nbsp; Is a supply teacher from overseas, with scant experience and little or no loyalty or commitment to the school preferable?nbsp;

And what about the numerous motherdaughter cases in schools?nbsp; Is that an "unholy alliance" too?

The massive advantages of husbandwife staff members far outweigh the pitfalls and make for a "holy alliance".nbsp; In our school it has meant we have felt able to put excess time and energy into organising both evening and daytime special events for the school since we can be working together on a project rather than seeing it as yet more time when we're too busy to be with each other (as would be the case were we in separate schools).

Our marriage also led to the marrying of our two departments - ICT and music - for certain lessons and the creation of a new "music technology" curriculum; all innovative stuff at the time which demanded extra hours of planning and discussion.nbsp; Our school has certainly benefited from our alliance. nbsp; My husband and I have both been teaching at the same school since we met fourteen years ago.nbsp; To use David Sassoon's own words "and you know what? We are still together after all these years." nbsp; Jenny Cooper Hay Lane School Londonnbsp; NW9

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