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Letters extra: Kick in the teeth for dedicated trainees

I write outraged with the current situation. I am now on the second year of a 3 year BSc Mathematics with Education and TS degree course at Hallam University. Our course is a worthwhile route for many into the profession and my colleagues and I are dedicated to becoming teachers.

Yet I feel we are being under appreciated in the schemes that the Government is putting emphasis upon. Many of the initiatives leave us uncertain of our eligibility, at best. Personally, I gave up a good managerial job to become a teacher and have felt numerous times that our course is undervalued.

I was led to believe that it was people like myself, from a professional, managerial background that the teaching profession required. At times I feel the decision I have made is wrong.

Then again, unlike graduates, who go directly onto a PGCE, we are already beginning the processes of lesson planning, creating resources, and thinking about cross-curricular links. We spend time observing, helping in lessons, as well as doing whole classroom activities. In short, the course is intense, but the system always ensures that I know my decision ultimately will be the correct one.

Maybe it's time the Government realised that courses such as the one on which I am enrolled will create capable mathematics teachers, as our group consists of many able mathematicians whose main purpose is to teach.

It's time the Government were clear when announcing these initiatives, about eligibility. A number of us are mature students (including myself) who are currently suffering financially because of our decision to study as our total funding of the Secondary Subject Shortage Scheme has not been granted.

This is another kick in the teeth. Isn't it time, when Mathematics teachers are in short supply, that courses such as those at Hallam University are given a better status. Otherwise, another route for creating possible teachers will close, and many capable students will never enter the profession. A Brammer 3 Kettlebridge Lane East Halton Immingham North Lincs

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