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Letters extra: modular AS-levels

Modular AS-levels should not be changed. At last, they have given less-advantaged young people an equal chance.

I am a mother of a 17-year-old so I know the difficulties his age group are under, but he will succeed if he wants to, because he has help, support and books at home.

In contrast, the young people I have been working with have so many barriers to overcome. However, the modular system has given them a chance as they see smaller goals ahead and so are not disheartened.

In mathematics, my subject, we have had the choice of modular examinations for about 10nbsp;years and I believe that as long as we have the standard right, and I think we have now, these students will have a better future understanding of the subject.

Estelle Morris has a choice. She can help talented less-advantages students, or she can appease middle-class voters. Which will it be?

Anne Carlill

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