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Letters extra: More on fun

As another retired primary head I am in total agreement with David Thomas' s article "Are you 'aving a good larrrrf?' (TES 30 March), but I would add yet another necessary qualification to our professional colleagues, namely, good health.

Even a teacher with a sense of humour is not much use to the pupils laughing at home on sick leave.

Sadly, constricted by red tape in the form of strategies, planning, policies, targets et al, there is not much to laugh about in today's primary classroom.

In fact, that is what is missing in our schools ... fun!nbsp; I suggest Fun Year 2002 for schools, linking fun to all core subjects.nbsp; Think of the fun in working out the phonics for 'laughter'.

Yours, quite seriously

Julia Matthews Bexleyheath Kentnbsp;

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