Letters Extra: My child's no "robot clone"

I read with interest the article on "Inclusion Pressures" on the TES website.

It is clear to me having experience as a parent of a child with ADHD that teachers are not coping with the current situation given the lack of support they get.

However, I must also say that some headteachers have a terrible attitude towards children with diagnosed medical conditions who, as a result of the condition, display what one would consider abnormal and sometimes violent behaviour.

My view is that it seems everyone would be happy if children were "robot clones", entering schools, sitting down quietly and listening to what teachers have to say.

All children are different and the framework they have to work in is not very flexible.

Modern society is such that a flexible approach to schooling is required. Too much pressure is being put on children to "perform" from their first day of primary school. The lack of tolerance is plain to see as teachers are uneasy dealing with things they have no training for.

Instead of blaming the parents and writing children off as "bad", look more closely at the system which provides little for the small percentage of children who need help, flexible education and above all understanding of their problems before being labelled by a school.

Ian Gladwinfield
Glen Orchy Place

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