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Letters extra: No need for conflict between heads and governors

While admitting there has always been the potential for conflict between headteachers, governors and LEAs ( TES March 9), I'm a trifle flabbergasted by the "flying in the face of reasonable advice" syndrome that may now be apparent.

Though not onenbsp;to applaud every DfEE publication, two supportive booklets offer reflection on shared and complementary roles. Guidance on Good Governance appeared in March 1996 and attempted to offer some models of best practice. Roles of Governing Bodies and Head Teachers appeared last September and is a game attempt to aid the clarification of function and purpose for these two groups.

Neither are perfect, but where in this interlocking of horns is the notion of partnership in the interest of the learners? Thankfully I have found much evidence of it since leaving headship over four years ago and it is solely down to the commitment and hard graft of the parties concerned.

Tim Peskettnbsp; Governor trainer and former primary head, Northampton

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