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Letters extra: Not so barmy army

I'd like to make a counterpoint to the highly subjective view of the army put forward by the anonymous deputy head ( Talkback, TES Friday magazine, 26.03.04 ).

My father is from a working class family, and joining the army certainly gave him opportunities (and hence his children too) - that would never have been open to him otherwise. This is still the case today.

Like many of his colleagues he never saw active service, in fact spent most of his time improving telecomms systems in various countries, helping people communicate.

I was and still am firmly against the attack on Iraq - but the truth is that most British soldiers today are not killing people but trying to prevent civilians killing their fellow countrymen.

The 'boys toys' career roadshows may be offputting, but for some young people the forces are a great alternative to working in Tesco.

Angela Peck Bristol

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