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Letters extra: OFSTED report - selective reporting?

"The best set of inspections ever" (P6 TES Feb 2001): Whilst no one would expect that the TES would seek to give named credit to all 281 "successful schools" let alone interview every head involved, it can always seem unfortunate when two schools in one city are named and the head of a selective girls school is given unchallenged opportunity to see the naming as "all to do with a selective school and the ethos that goes with such a school."

For the record, the other named outstanding school in Plymouth is a mixed comprehensive now offering the widest range of AS and A level examination courses across the city to the largest cohort of sixth form students. We monitor our success with students of all abilities and we have achieved, with girls who would have been selected had they chosen the 11 plus at eleven, results at least as good as any selective school in the south west.

We have no problem with any head extolling the virtue of high expectations and hard work, but my colleagues and I take exception to any claim that such attitudes have to be associated with the selective system. A E Parsons Headteacher Plymstock School Plymstock, Devon PL9 9AZ

Editor's note: the full list of "outstanding schools" earning OFSTED's praisenbsp;was published on this website: to read it click here

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