Letters Extra : Parents and teachers should pull together

Rachel Marshall

As a Learning Support Assistant and now as a Learning Support Teacher I'venbsp;seen so many needs from a child both in and out of the classroom that we as teachers are expected to meet. Alongside the teaching, learning, planning, marking and addressing differentiation we are also faced with looking after the welfare and individuality of our pupils.

The Government may well state that education is all about teaching and learning, however I feel that it is widely unrecognized that it is now about so much more, which has a direct affect on the progress of a child academically.

Where is it that a teacher can draw a line in the sand and not have to worry about their pupils progress in life as well as academically? The government do not lay out any guidelines for this.nbsp;I have found it becomes increasingly difficult to strike the balance of where to stop wanting to be 'loco parentus' and just be the teacher, simply because as a human being and a passionate teacher it is very difficult to just switch off from the individual demands of a child, which if met met could make such a difference to their life.

What could and does make a huge difference is the pulling together of parents and teachers. Support from both school and parents in agreement can make a vast difference to a child's attitude and understanding which ultimately effects their learning within the school. There should be more co-operation and regular contact between home and school.
Rachel Marshall

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Rachel Marshall

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