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Letters extra: Perception of pupil behaviour and the KS3 Strategy

Two articles in the TES of March 3rd 2003 have left me totally flabbergasted!

The report that there was an improvement in teachers' perception of pupil behaviour was based on very dubious evidence. Every teacher I know is more optimistic about everything in the Summer term than in the Autumn term!

The Autumn term involves a battle with each new class to establish the correct level of discipline as many pupils will 'try it on' with a new (to them) teacher. By the Summer one hopes to have established control and a modus vivendi. nbsp; The second article was the report on the KS3 Strategy. Do the authors not see the contradiction in their claim that teaching has improved but pupil achievement has not? Does this imply that there is no correlation between quality of teaching and achievement or does it mean that the definition of 'good' teaching is merely that which fits the current fashionable model?

I personally have found very little correlation between teaching style and effectiveness.nbsp; A style which suits one teacher does not necessarily suit another, it all depends on personality.nbsp; Trying to force us all into the same rigid 'method' will not have the desired result, in fact it will kill initiative and lead to yet more frustrated and dissatisfied teachers. nbsp; I. J. Jones Port Erin Isle of Man

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