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Letters extra: PGCE applications

Rejection - the reasons I cannot comment on the reasons why Jane Pearson's application for a PGCE place was rejected (Letters, TES , January 26). As the mathematics tutor for the secondary PGCE course at the Unversity of Leicester, however, I can say that, when assessing appliation forms and interviewing prospective students, I am looking primarily for two things. Firstly, a knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the subject to be taught, including an ability to think flexibly around GCSE-type material. Secondly, experience of, and enthusiasm for, working with children. In general I would be looking for good qualifications, but I have, nevertheless, rejected applications from people with excellent academic credentials, and accepted them from people whose paper qualifications may not be as good, but in other respects demonstrate the potential to teach. Geoff Tennant Mathematics Education Lecturer School of Education University of Leicesternbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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