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Letters extra: Poor deal

I am a teacher with five major qualifications and 38 years' service. Due to re-organisation I was made redundant five years ago. I am therefore not allowed to earn more than what I did then, less my redundancy pension.

Thus of a gross allowable salary of pound;19,000 the threshold was of no benefit to me at all. Furthermore, the only satisfying job I could find (and have been employed in for the last two years) requires that I travel 300 miles to and from work each week (Gateshead to Oxfordshire),and thus have to rent a flat - total cost about pound;10,000 a year.

Thus of my pound;19,000 income I am trying to maintain a house and family on about pound;8,000 a year.

Is this how Blunket thinks that professionals can deliver quality education?

R J Tolley Winlaton, Blaydon on Tyne

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