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Letters Extra: Practice what you preach

I write about the booklet used in the Key Stage 3 English Reading Test, which the nation's Year 9 students sat today. I am sure that the disparity between the message and the contents will not have been missed by your readers.

The booklet was called "Save It" and highlighted waster, tourist erosion and the Eden project. The "Save It" message was missed by QCA!

Firstly, why did the booklet need to be in colour? Surely this necessitated additional expense and used more of our planet's dwindling resources.

Secondly, why does a 12-page booklet have three blank pages? Surely the limited contents section could have been placed on the front cover, thus reducing the 12-page booklet to eight pages. This would have given a one-third saving in paper and reduce freight costs considerably.

QCA have missed an excellent opportunity to deliver a valuable citizenship message. Their "does not apply to us" manner ejects the attitude so prevalent in society today.
Robin Leake - Head of Year 7
Lower School

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